Dutch PHR connectathon at #FHIR DevDays

Earlier this year, the Dutch Patient Federation initiated a national Personal Health Record. Goal is to create a market where PHR vendors provide personal health records and consumer facing apps in a financially and judicially sustainable way. This initiative coincides with corresponding legislation, which recently has been approved by parliament.

The Dutch PHR project is called MedMij, which cannot be translated, only explained. It sounds like with me, and the joke is in the med for medical.

Standardization is an important part of the PHR framework. Responsible entity is NICTIZ, the Dutch ONC so to speak. FHIR is a key component of the exchange paradigm between EHRs, PHRs and third party apps. For this reason, NICTIZ and Furore have launched a “Dutch PHR track” at the FHIR Developer Days 2016 (November 16-18, Amsterdam). We will set up a mock FHIR server for the connectathon, containing MedMij resources. Client and server developers establish the communication between their apps and the mock server or directly to and from the servers of other developers.

More information about the MedMij track is on our website. DevDays is still open for registrxgetvw-oation.

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