Communicative nerds and a tech-savvy consultants, join our #FHIR ranks

One way to measure the success of FHIR is by the growth of the FHIR team at Furore. We started with just Ewout Kramer (@ewoutkramer), our CTO and currently one of the FHIR Core Team members. We now have a team in Amsterdam (8 people) and Cluj (5 people) building our open source libraries and FHIR tooling. We do FHIR consultancy and training courses as well, mainly in the Nordics, the UK, the Netherlands and the US.

As we expect FHIR to grow exponentially we are expanding our team.

So, if:

  • You’re interested in health IT
  • You love beautiful software
  • You don’t mind travelling (warning: all hotels are the same)
  • You think Amsterdam is awsome
  • You always wanted to work in a startup environment
  • You’re a communicative nerd or a tech-savvy consultant

… why not send us your resume? Check our vacancies on Stack Overflow.


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