An open invitation to join Argonaut by Dr. John Halamka

By Rien Wertheim – In September 2014 Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, initiated the Argonaut Project. He was dining in a Greek restaurant with a number Health IT bosses. Hence the name: Argonaut.

The idea was to accelerate API based information exchange between EHR’s, using OAuth2 and FHIR. Participants in Argonaut are, among others: Athenahealth, Cerner, Epic, Intermountain Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, MEDITECH and McKesson. Leading hospitals and EHR vendors…

In the HL7 community there was some worry among the European affiliates about the US Argonauts “hijacking” FHIR for US purposes, so I asked Dr. Halamka to explain the goals of FHIR to a non-US audience and whether or not it would be possible for non-US entities to join the project.

Here is his answer:

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