Dr. John Halamka and the FHIR Developer Days

By Rien Wertheim – In the light of the upcoming FHIR Developer Days (18-20 November in Amsterdam) I had the opportunity of interviewing Dr. John Halamka, standards expert in the US and early FHIR adopter. If US Congress is aware of the potential of FHIR (they certainly are aware of what interoperability might do to the cost and quality of health care), it is because of people like Halamka.

I specifically asked Dr. Halamka about the relevance of events like the FHIR Developer Days.

 “There is no way we can prove this unless we test it in the field. Be practical, be adventurous, take a risk.”

 Thank you Dr. Halamka, we’ll do that.

 Read the full interview here: https://vimeo.com/channels/hl7fhir/140346523.

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